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And another freebie starting this month too backed by Bridson & Horrox I think.


Is that the Manx Advertiser? A bit like the back part of the Courier but in colour. Another bit of rubbish to stick straight in the bin.


That's the one. Just another pile of shite. If they start charging for rubbish collection by weight and volume there will be a mass rebellion against through the door refuse.

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75p for the Indy? There's not even enough sheets in it to wipe your arse with usually.   I can't see many people prepared to pay 75p for the random collection of crap thrown together in the Indy in

I tend to think the Independent gets a lot of its sales from the huge island sports community. It is THE paper with the sports results and write ups so has a big base there to sell to.   The sports

well we don't buy either of them anymore, one just gets passed between us all. We were saying that years ago we would go shopping later to get The Examiner but now it's gone very poor, anybody remembe

If you want to read what proper Manx Newspapers were like go to the museum,their all on microfilm,and what a choice they had,and printed every day for some,there must have been more news years ago,and good reporters who went out and got it.

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