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Felix Baumgartner

Pierrot Lunaire

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@boredom Don't forget Alotta Fagina ("In cable rebroadcasts, her name is sometimes censored to "Alotta Cleavaga"", courtesy Wikipedia)


Kudos to Alan. Balls of Steel, to borrow a phrase from a more well known MF contributor.


But don't forget, kids. it's not space. 41.419km < 100km, despite what Beardy Lightyear would have you believe.

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Sorry but that video shows me nothing. You see him (allegedly) climb up the atmosphere and then parachute down to the ground.


Ok, he may have been past and beyond Felixs' world record but personally that moment (which I watched live) when he 'fell' from his climbing apparatus was a moment in time for me which will live with me forever, up there with the aeroplanes hitting the Twin Towers.


I suppose it was my 'JFK' moment.

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I know but they'll always remember the guy with the stupid name though. If Felicity Titwank won the London marathon regardless of whether the record was broken in the next year there would only be one person most of us would instantly remember in 20 years time.

If Arnold Swartzenegger didn't work out, lots of people would probably kick the crap out of him too these days. For a politician he probably has the worlds most unpolitically correct name you would ever want.
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