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Motorhome/campervan Parking

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very true, really pisses me off that one, i love to take the young fella out camping and light a small controlled fire to cook on, but Its the same old rambler brigade making the same old noises and b

A campervan IS a dual purpose vehicle, would like to see someone argue against that.   If its a coach sized vehicle I could see the argument but if its the same size as a Transit van...........

If you think camper vans are badly done to you want to try owning a tent! Not allowed to pitch on the Ayres, Mooragh Park, even need a bloody permit for the Claddagh these days! Seems campers are not

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Pretty sure it's the same for any other vehicle.


I suppose you can understand these people parking them outside their homes (which I presume your about to whinge about) they are expensive items and these people pay their road taxes in similarity to any builder who has a white van or a lorry or indeed anyone who has a large vehicle!


I think if you look at the recent survey that the IOM Government undertook they have not come up with an answer yet to assist people park there motorhomes in a secure area.


Oh and so to put my record straight I have a motorhome and it's parked on my private property.


Let us know if you find any other info.




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Not not whinging. I have a vw camper and have received a notice on it out of the blue. Its not in a disc zone or parked outside someones house and im trying to find out what I need to do as far as the law goes. Its pdd that its just happened now and as far as I can see im not breaking a law.

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Its an advisory notice. Says that motorhomes are not allowed to park overnight in residential areas and next time ill receive a fine.


There is a number but no answer.


Its at the top of Belgravia Road Onchan near the tennis courts there with about six other vans. Strange that its just happened as some people have had theirs there for years.


If they had come up with a hard standing area and given me an option then fine but they havent. Road tax paid is significantly more than my car.


Cant find any regulations on the govt site. Phoned the police and they say they are happy with it there.





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Its a govt dept of infrastructure green ticket and it was put inside a fixed penalty notice bag.


It mentions complying with relevant regulations but I cant find them on line.


It is not in a residential area as I said. It's quite a way from the houses. I was trying to be considerate.



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I've had one of these things posted on my vehicles. In my case it was a copper putting something on to satisfy a local resident who was annoyed I had parked in 'his' space. Take no notice and wait for a proper ticket and contest it. It's best to be seen doing something than doing nothing.

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I'd just write, registered post, to the DOI enclosing a copy of the notice, a map location of where the vehicle is placed, an explanation of why you believe that they are incorrect in their assumption and get them to verify that the statements in the notice really do apply to your case in black and white.


They have to respond to your query, and if they don't you can use the fact that you have written to them in any appeal process. In my experience the DOI are actually quite reasonable when you have an issue like this.

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This reminds me of a previous situation where another MF Member had a long running battle with the DOI(DOT at that time) over their refusal to grant him a permit for a VW Camper.

The DOI decided they would not issue a permit on the grounds that the vehicle was a camper van,yet the person involved had previously owned a VW Caravelle(exactly the same vehicle but without side windows fitted)for which a permit was allowed and granted.

Subsequently the Dept failed to prove that they had authority to impose regulations in this manner and a special permit was granted for the camper van.

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As far as I know they now call them 'dual purpose vehicles' which would get around that.


Something that occurs to me in terms of permits though.


I have a permit for parking a car. Rather than having a second car though I got the camper instead which is the same size as a transit van. I cant get a permit for the camper but thats ok I knew that and ive tried to find a place for it where its not an inconvenience. Bear in mind too that he tax is about 300 quid.


Other families who have two cars have a permit for both cars sometimes three if the kids have one too.


Doesnt really make sense.


The govt could make a few quid out of a hard standing area somewhere and charge ten quid a month or something.





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