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Good Job On Tyres

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After having a really half arsed shit job done on replacing 4 tyres on my car in the north of the island, just wondering if anybody can recommend anywhere that can do the following without a problem


Balance the wheels up so the car doesn't feel like it's going to shake to pieces.


Not scrape and knock chunks out of my alloy wheels when putting the new tyres on.


Have the ability to put the correct pressure in each tyre.


It seemed a tall order that the garage I used could not meet these requirements

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Neil at National tires ftw. The shop doesn't look the best, but the boys really do a professional job. Good prices too. Highly reccommend them

+1 for National Tyres.

Derby Square, National Tyres - never, ever a problem.

Was it the one down that back street in Ramsey?


Am I allowed to pinpoint the useless bastards on here without getting into trouble?


After speaking to other people since having the tyres fitted they have had the same problems from the garage


It's very much the attitude "your tyres are ere, I'll chuck them on as fast as I can without any care because it's not my car"


4 tyres works out very expensive and to have them not balanced correctly, tyre pressures all different and fresh scratches on the alloys I may well be tempted to suggest that the guy on Monday buys a huge supply of vaseline in preparation for me to shove my car up his lazy half a job ass!

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I tried National tyres today and I can see they have a lot of thumbs up from people on here - give them there due they where very busy but after standing in the office for 10 minutes awaiting somebody's attention and a further 5 minutes stood by the garage entrance being completely ignored I got in my car and drove off.

A simple "I'll be with you as soon as I can mate" would have pacified me

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