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Pierrot Lunaire

Arming The Police?

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And that may be part of the reason police don't want guns as a matter of routine,it is one less mistake to make. And there have been quite a few mistakes made by firearms officers. It isn't an easy call to make, but having a gun to use in the event you are shot at cant be the worst option


"It isn't an easy call to make, but having a gun to use in the event you are shot at cant be the worst option" - Actually, having a firearm increases that odds that you're going to come to harm. To use it, you would have to remove yourself from cover to use it. Also if the attacker knows you are armed, this is likely to increase their to kill/injure you as you are more of a threat to them than someone who is armed.


The police don't want to be armed and with good reasons. They dont want the criminals to escalate to firearms as well. They dont want the responsibility of carrying a loaded firearm onto the streets which could force them to make life or death choices that are sometimes too heavy to carry.


For those carrying firearms, whilst carrying out the duties of the Crown (i.e. the Forces or the Police), you are covered by the rules of engagement. These vary depending on which theatre you are in or if you are on UK home soil. These rules are set in place to determine the shooters legal rights to use firearms. Even if you follow the rules to the letter, after a shoot you are still arrested until it can be determined by the courts that the shoot was a legitimate shoot.


Back in 2005 I was on guard duty at an RAF base in the north of the UK. At this time I was on duty with an 18 year old lass who had been in the RAF for about 18 months and this was her first guard duty rotation. A car had turned off the main road and started approaching the base. The car stopped short by about 50 meters, and a man of middle eastern ethnicity got out and approached us. He was wearing a full length gown and had both of his hands inside the gown. He was saying the name of a near by town over and over again. I firmly told the man to return to his vehicle, which he ignored and continued to approach. I again firmly told the man that this was MOD property and he was to return to his vehicle. Then I heard the sound of a weapon being cocked. Looking around my colleague had made her weapon ready and was pointing it at the man. However she did not offer a verbal challenge to the man, which in my opinion she should have done under the RoE. On seeing this the man returned to car and hastily drove away. Now the man may have been a suicide bomber, or he may have been simply lost or a hundred other maybes.


What I'm trying to get at is.....you don't get issued a lawyer with ever handgun to tell you that its okay to shoot or its not. You have to make that snap judgement, usually in times of immediate stree and duress. The act of taking a life is stressful enough, without getting arrested ontop of it to determine if you had just murdered someone or if it was a legitimate shoot. The police have enough to deal with withouth that added stress.

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You should stop making comparison with the forces in my opinion. its completely separate.


I was explaining a situation where firearms could have been used, but because of the legal ramifications the decision to shoot is a very difficult one.


In my opinion they are no different. Combat is combat, whether you are wearing DPM or a policemans uniform, the danger and mayhem doesn't change.

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Policing is not combat, Its a totally different mindset.


No policing is policing. When people start shooting at each other, that is combat.


policingpresent participle of po·lice (Verb)



  • (of a police force) Have the duty of maintaining law and order.
  • Enforce regulations or an agreement in (a particular area or domain).





Noun: Fighting between armed forces. Verb: Take action to reduce, destroy, or prevent (something undesirable). Synonyms:

noun. battle - fight - action - fighting - struggle

verb. fight - struggle - battle - wrestle - contend - war

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