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Sorry, who was fisting who exactly? I've never seen a higher euphemism count in such a short post before.

I'd probably give HBOY a slap, because his language is a fucking disgrace.

Oh, how cosily familiar. I'm put in mind of a couple of workmen who might be on my property carrying out some pre-arranged chore for me for financial gain. But who insist on ribbing each other in my p

If you could choose a person to fight on the forums who would it be?


Bobster bellend is mine!


I guess if I had to choose, I'd fight the civil servants who come on here pretending to be average tax-paying joe, disseminating misinformation with their tired old "I have a few friends who work in government, and they said what you're saying is bollocks" routine, as if anyone's fooled by it.

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Endovelicus - naked mud-wrestling.


And the Jimmy Savile award for outstanding post of the year goes to...


Wow! Thanks for telling me that paedophilia applies to 26-year-olds! I'd never have guessed - dickhead!


Touched a nerve there did I?


If you actually know the real person behind the anonymous forum persona 'Endovelicus', and she is indeed 26, then I take it all back. Even so, it's probably still somewhat inappropriate given what (we think) we know about the real person behind 'Lonan' - I doubt that she'd be flattered by the attention.


Perhaps however she's really 15. Cartoon avatar, sort of things my kids would watch. Who knows. It's not as if anyone has ever exaggerated things on a chat forum is it. Still comfortable with the concept of rolling around naked with her?

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Lonan3 is a good friend of mine. I took his comment in the way it was meant - as a bit of fun!

You, however, Wrighty are exactly what he called you - and I have to wonder about your apparent obsession with younger females.

By the way - yes, a glance at my profile would have told you that I'm 26 years old. - but if that kind of task is beyond you, I can't help wondering who enables you to get on the Internet since you're unlikely to be capable of doing it yourself.

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