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Cliff Hazard, Segways and cliff hazard:   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1315518/Segway-tycoon-Jimi-Heselden-dies-cliff-plunge-scooters.html

A bit of cheek calling a razz round a plantation a 'forest safari', for the more adventurous perhaps a tour round willaston?

I've had a go on a Segway - it was good fun and very easy to manouver / stop so managed not to run anybody over. A lot of major cities have them - a friend mentioned today that they had been to Prague at the weekend and had seen them a lot there (they do sightseeing tours with them). They will go a lot slower than the bikes on the prom and make a slight whirring noise so you can hear them coming. The plantation trips look great fun so will be booking one in the future I think :)

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I doubt that any of the tours would take place along cliff tops, and if a Chimpanzee can ride one, as in Declan's video, I'm sure most members of the public could manage without any incident smile.png

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Just checked the website....and there is hardly any availability and not because they're sold out; just not available!

Maybe as it's a new venture they might only do a few to start with to see how it goes and add in more as demand increases?

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