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Petrol Pumps now stretch so regardless of which side your petrol cap is on, modern pump hoses stretch over to other sides.


i was just in the milestone filling up with two women waiting patiently for the next available pump on their side.


Do people not realise that they do not have to wait and can simply pull the hose round to the other side.


Genuine question, are their people on forums land who wait paitently rather than hose extending?

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Whats really takin' the piss, is not only the continual rising cost but the way they slow down the delivery rate of the fuel, i supose its to make you think you're getting lots of the stuff, in reality your getting the same just a lot fuckin slower, surely they want people in and out as quickly as possible so that they don't realise they are being bent over everytime they fuel up. I may of course over analysed this.

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My main gripe about buying fuel is when I'm waiting to move alongside the pump for seemingly ages, and then the driver in front comes out carrying a week's shopping, then has to fit their kids in the car (who also have bags of sweets, bottles of pop etc), and then takes about 5 minutes to pull away because she (I tried to avoid the sexism but couldn't for the whole rant!) has to fix her make-up and work out how to put hubby's car into gear.

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