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Hop Tu Naa - Giving The Kids Money

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I am sorely disappointed - not one caller. I had a pile of 20ps and a box of quality streets (for the older ones...hahaha I know your game and I'm not buying yer MadDog 2020) which I left with my husb

Yes but knocking on the door and when its opened saying trick or treat is not a manx tradition.   Something that comeovers have introduced and its not very endearing.

They get sprouts wrapped in sweet wrappers when they come round 'ere.

the days rent was due. In England they were in March, June September and December


Ours relate to the old Manx new year. Farm tenancies, even now run 12 November to 11 November and anual ternancies run 12 May to 11 May in IOM

  • Lady Day (25 March) Midsummer Day (24 June) Michaelmas (29 September) Christmas (25 December) in England. In Ireland Lunasa (1 August) Samhain (1 November) Imbolc (1 February) Beltaine (1 May) and in Scotland Candlemas (2 February) Whitsunday (legislatively fixed for this purpose on 15 May) Lammas (1 August) Martinmas (11 November). The quarter days in North West England were the same as for Scotland until the gregorian calandar, but then moved to teh English ones. The Scots ones are approximately the Celtic/Irish ones

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There were two boys outside Shoprite this afternoon doing Penny for the Guy (with a home made guy, not another child dressed up). They weren't hassling anybody walking past, didn't actually ask for any money, but if somebody did give them something they were extremely polite in their thank yous. I gave them a bit of change because they were so polite.

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"Trick-or-treat children given cocaine in Oldham"


Children were handed packets of cocaine instead of sweets on a Halloween trick-or-treating trip, Greater Manchester Police have said.





I have not read the story but come on, have you ever met a coke head who would even share the shit, never mind give it away to kids, pfft police propaganda, or kids getting caught with coke blagging that they got it trick or treating......genius idea.... :)

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The few that called at my house only sang the first verse of Nop-Tu-Naa, I don't think many bother to learn the rest of it.


Too violent for them perhaps.


Hop-tu-Naa My mother's gone away And she won't be back until the morning Jinnie the Witch flew over the house To fetch the stick to lather the mouse Hop-tu-Naa My mother's gone away And she won't be back until the morning Hop-tu-Naa, Traa-la-laa

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I took my two children and my nephews (jointly with my nephews dad) trick or treating and was pleasantly surprised at sweets and money for the children and after a shaky nervous first couple of houses, the kids started singing the Hop-Tuu-Nae song (full verision) out loud and they thouroughly enjoyed it. Mind you we must have been the only people on our street to be going out that night, as no one called at our house for the treats and we were expecting to return the favour to other trick or treaters, but no knockers!! ermm.gif


I think the tradition of trick or treating is great and a good experience for the kids......biggrin.png

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