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Tyre Slasher On The Loose


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I don't know whether anyone else has seen it, but there's a large white "Hummer" car parked along the Prom., that's been there for quite a few days. It's Manx registered.


When we passed it this morning, the nearside tyres were flat. It wasn't like that when we last passed by, a couple of days ago.


They can't have gone flat gratuitously, so someone is playing silly buggers.


The cost of tyres for that sort of vehicle must be tremendous.


What kicks do people get out of this sort of vandalism?

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a civilian Hummer is just a body shell with the running gear off a Ford Explorer....remember the ones from the 90's that had a problem with cell phones interfering with the cruise control...where did you think all the recalled ones went after being scrapped /condemmed....as there was a serious number of them in the states that got written off as a suitable fix could not be found at the time...

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Very easy to run over a bunch of dropped nails or screws and get slow punctures on one side - done that myself a few years ago.


Very easy, yes, unless you are already parked - this vehicle hasn't moved for days.



Perhaps the gulls have pecked through the rubber?

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