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I've had two. Both 1.9tdi and both were 2005. They changed to 2.0tdi in 2006 and the 140bhp are/were apparently a nightmare for the exhaust particulate filter blocking and the car going into limp home mode. Apparently the 110bhp 2.0l diesel are ok. There was/is no similar problems with the model up to 2005. Assuming you are thinking about an older one up to 2005 they were good working cars for me. I sold both of them at 200,000 miles. Both at this stage had turbos, brake servos several cv joints and boots replaced indicator stubs fail commonly and also egr valves replaced. They were reasonably cheap to run and interiors were of a superior quality to similar vehicles at that price. Leg room in the back was second to none and the heated rear seats in the elegance version is a nice touch. I am not overly familiar with the mark2 superb but would imagine they are a mighty fine vehicle too but in a diesel I would imagine the particulate filter would be prone to clogging and to my knowledge if it does it would not be covered on a skoda warranty. I would have another one although my first was a top spec at 1 year old I paid 12,500 pounds and to my knowledge a superb mark 2 with a similar spec would be over 15k plus. Hope that is if some help.

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I think some of the problems you mention are common to quite a few modern diesel turbo engines, I believe due to the type of stop start motoring we have here? Apparently because we don't get the long bursts of high engine rpm which tend to clear the particle filter and stop the EGR valve from clogging up I'm told.

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I've got a 140 TDI estate. Can't fault it. Epic amounts of room for passengers and a big boot. My only criticism of the load space is that the back seats don't fold fully flat with the boot floor, but it's not a big issue. Elegance spec gets leather, sat nav, climate control etc - plenty of kit for the money.


Haven't had any DPF regeneration issues, but then these newer VW Audi diesels don't need excessively long, high rpm driving to clear them like the first DPF equipped cars.

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I'My only criticism of the load space is that the back seats don't fold fully flat with the boot floor, but it's not a big issue.


Are you 100% on that? i know someone who has the saloon version and the base of the rear seats lifts up, firstly at the front a little and then you pull the back of the base up and then over the top so it rests vertically against the front seats. Then the back of the rear seats fold flat into the newly created gap.


Appreciate it might be different on the estate version but i can't see why?

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The car will arrive in the morning.


That's a shame. It's a crap car. A bit gay too.


Good to have an expert on gay matters on these forums. I wonder why you attack everything in this way rather to be able to take part in the happiness of others.Are you covering something up?

Now I understand why some of the female posters have been upset with your remarks. You really seem to have some deep problems that you should look for professional help with.


In the meantime I will enjoy my new car and wish you good luck with your problems.

Have a nice day!

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