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The Hop Garden.

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Went to The Forge yesterday. As others have said, it's had a half decent refurb, nothing amazing mind you. The food - nothing special. They've tried to be cute with the menu so if you want two or thr

having just been away for a short trip, we had some amazingly good value meals, carveries etc, it would only take a Toby, Brewers Fayre or similar (and another favourite) to set up here to make places

Thanks for the update!, its not for me though, never was impressed with the value of Italian restaurants.

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Ive been away for a while and wonder how things are at the Hop Garden?, is it worth a lookyloo for a meal?



We were there a couple of months back and the food and service were spot on. A bit too cold now, but sitting outside by the "lake" was superb. We will be back !

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Yep, i turned up there at 7 on a sunday night a few months ago (when it seemed everyother restaurant/pub grub was closed) and was told that the kitchen closed at 7. However, a minute later they came back out and said would cook us something.

Excellent service = They got a big tip!

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Lets hope they don't turn it into a tarted up, expensive place to get a coffee.


It's a pub that serves food and a bloody nice pint of Bushy. Anything else and it's gonna kill it dead.

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