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I can already speak Manx:


Q - Hey Juan Boy, yous comin down Ramsey this affy to catch some shitties?

A - No fella, too many lhergys down north. I'm staying Port Erin with the ringies and hey boys.

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If the accent becomes almost indistinguishable than any northwest english accent, does make it worthwhile speaking Manx to retain some element of speech that distinguishes the Manx from the English? Is it important to have distinguishing features such as this?

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could never really see the point of learning dead languages like manx and welsh just for the sake of being able to speak it

better off learning something useful spanish, mandarin or javascript

I used to think that. But then you come to realise that such thinking doesn't make sense and misses all the values that come from learning a language. Although I know nobody who learns and speaks Manx JUST for the sake of wanting to speak it.

I wouldn't say Manx is dead anymore and maybe it never was. But how is Welsh dead anyway?

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totally agree with learning a language as a good thing to do. I hated language at school (science geek) but learnt spanish later in life and thoroughly enjoyed it.


But langauge is about communication. If everyone that speaks manx or welsh already speaks english then whats the point. better learn a language to speak to people that dont speak english, like spanish or manderin. To learn a foriegn language (and culture) is going to open your mind more. imho


but horse for courses, I guess smile.png


(I'm not manx so maybe have a different perspective)

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Again, I used to think that too. But not anymore at all and you come to realise that from learning the language (and more so from taking an interest in how the language works itself).


I mean, the reasons I picked it up were because, as politically non-nationalist that I am, is because it seemed to give the idea of being more Manx or more distinctly Manx. I suppose it is a thing of creating or developing an identity. Not saying there is a good logic behind this thinking but it had a pull.


The other things is that it definitely does give you a connection to the Island in lots of ways, such as being part of a small and very friendly community that I never knew existed. And I speak it with them when I can. It also gives you a sense of place and link with the past. The same thing I find as with knowing your family tree.


The other thing is that it makes you realise how people thought and how they saw their world. Because the manner of saying things is distinct.


And the lessons are great fun too.


That's just the reasons to learn it. But learning a language because it is thought to be useful often is in itself a bad reason. Spanish would do me no good whatsoever (and I think it would be boring - everyone wants to learn it) and nor would any other language at the moment. But were I to move away then I could learn that.

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