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  • 2 years later...

I used to.

There are hundreds of portals all over the place.

Just in the square mile around the prom, athol street, the quay there's probaly 50 or so portals.

I was forced to stop playing it as someone was cheating and spoiling it for everyone so I tried to beat them at their own game and got banned........

The moderators probably did me a favour as I wasted a lot of time playing it.

It's good for keeping you fit and for learning new interesting facts about your surroundings..

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Using a gps location spoofer.

You could pretend to be in Heysham, energise a portal and get ot's key, then do the same in ireland and north wales and you could enclose the whole of the island in a huge field :D

Also, if you saw one of your portals under attack you could magically get in range of it and defend it :(

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funnily enough I found that last night a couple of my portals were being attacked in laxey and douglas last night within a couple of minutes

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He's the reason I went/got kicked out.

He was ruining the whole game for everyone.


it does seem to make the game a bit pointless when he controls the whole island effectively

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