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Problems At Hospital

Hungry Harrison

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If you read between the lines it highlights a total failure of management and the staffing problems that can be expected at a small regional hospital where 24 x 7 cover in some areas would be prohibitively expensive.


But above all it's a management issue.


It would be very interesting to have seen a comparison with similar size hospitals in the UKL to get an idea of what can be realistically achieved.

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Couldn't a local do it for less?

Better to get somebody new who has not 'drifted up' in the system.

Yes. Fine. Let's hope that we have someone in power who can tell the difference between that person and a highly paid, certificate toting, boxes ticked first rate bullshitter. The problem in the NHS generally all over Britain is that people are sentimentally attached to running it as a huge nationalised industry, complete with all the waste and inefficient bureaucracy that always accompanies such huge entities.

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Seems an odd choice.

He's been in Education and Children rather than Health.

Ah. But he's a senior manager don't you know, so it doesn't matter. A chap who had just been appointed CEO of a division of a UK plc once said to me proudly: "I don't know a thing about this business or what it does. I see that as an advantage." This is the 21st century. Keep up at the back.

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Minister Howard Quayle MHK says he is pleased with the progress he has seen at the Department of Health and Social Care since he took up his post there five months ago. But much work remains to be done, he warns.


The Minister said:


'The focus of the past few months has been about establishing a solid foundation for the newly merged Department of Health and Social Care. We know we are going to face difficult challenges in the future with our ageing population and a growing demand for health and social care services, as well as rising expectations from the public. Thats why its important that we have the right management structure in place and a talented and experienced leadership team to support staff across the organisation in meeting these challenges head-on.'


The Department has made significant ongoing progress in a range of areas, including:


Appointment of new Chief Executive, Mark Charters

Initial steps to implement recommendations of the review by Beamans into management and governance of Nobles Hospital with the recruitment to the newly created post of Managing Director for Acute Services and also to the post of Medical Director for Nobles Hospital, which is to become a full time management post

Appointment of new Patient Safety and Governance Manager at Nobles Hospital

Approval for major upgrades to Nobles Hospitals Medway and GPs EMIS patient record IT systems

Publication of first two reviews by the West Midlands Quality Review Service

Further work to investigate options for the on-Island treatment of Age Related Macular Degeneration

Launch of Shared Equity schemes for first time buyers, making it easier for those on lower incomes to reach the first rung on the property ladder

Continued work on new £4 million Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Minister added:


'We have moved quickly to establish a new senior leadership team for the Department, and I am delighted that we have been able to attract high quality people to a variety of senior posts. This will greatly enhance the Departments ability to address immediate issues and to strategically plan for the medium to long-term, which I believe needs strengthening in several areas.


'Were also investing heavily in new IT systems which will be vital to improving care, customer service and overall efficiency. These systems will play a key role in ensuring that health and social care systems can work together as we develop an increasingly integrated service. There will be many benefits; not least in the availability of management information which is essential to proper performance management of our Islands treasured health and social care services.'


Despite the rapid progress being made, the Minister is conscious that much more remains to be done:


'It is going to take a little while for the new leadership team to bed in, but our new Chief Executive has hit the ground running, and I expect the same will be true for the new Managing Director for Acute Services and the Nobles Hospital Medical Director.


'We have some big challenges ahead, not least implementing the action plans arising from the WMQRS reviews and continuing the peer review programme over the next two and a half years. We also need to begin to further our thinking on the long term challenges in relation to the sustainability of the services we provide.'


The Minister concluded by praising staff:


'Over the past 18 months morale particularly at Nobles Hospital has been impacted. But I have been impressed by the dedication and passion of the many staff I have met over my first few months as Minister. I am certain that staff across the Department have the energy and drive to do all we can to provide the best health and social care services for the people of the Isle of Man.'

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I have an opinion.


From my point of view the management and executive echelons of the Hospital appear to me to be full of highly paid but nonetheess rather incompetet smug types who are lthere in no small role to fight the shit storms that arise when something goes wrong. They are spin doctors and flannellers and are largely there keeping themselves in highly paid jobs.Fobbing people off.


They are occasionally paid off and provided financial luxury until the day they die.


For them it is win-win-win come what may.


Howard Quayle as the political head of the Health Services.has yet to really prove himself in sorting out the mess. Good luck to him......


His predecessor, Anderson, was certainly proved.

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I'd say it's still very strained from nursing levels downwards.

It's manageable in short bursts, but during prolonged periods, the strain does show and quality reassurance time with the patients is triaged. Many miss out this time which naturally leads to a lack of satisfaction from employee and recipient.

Early days just yet, but things are better in some regards than before, although the masses of paperwork continues on at a frightening pace.

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