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New Shops In Ramsey

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They should call it Top To Extra Toe.

Tesco on any site in Ramsey would be a bad idea.   Why on earth would you want this invasive supermarket to come up north and kill off everything else in the town?   If you really have to spend yo

she wouldn't start this morning!

An estate agent. Ramsey needs estate agents. There just isn't enough in the town.


ooo ooo ooo and a really big shopping square thats as ugly as I am ... it needs one of them .. with flats on top and multi floor car park thing with stairs you can piss in.

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Few people know that the actual shop used in the series 'Mr Ben' is in Ramsey. They don't generally advertise where it is, but I'm pretty sure after a bit of searching I've narrowed it down to one of two possibilities:


1) The shoe shop next to the chippy, or...


2) The shop with all the cowboys, indians, dinosaurs and pirates on the pavement outside, and where the shopkeep wears a Fez.


I'll keep you up to date if I make any progress!


You dont know how close to the truth your post is Tweek, there is a shop in Ramsey that rents out fancy dress costumes but all I can say is that it is not in the main street. I would tell you where it is but it was about 8 years ago, when I was in there and I cant remember where it was.


Maybe I imagined it, maybe that is how it works? Its not really a shop BTW, its someones house and the ground floor is full and I really mean full of costumes.


The bloke I dealt with was not wearing a Fez however, so when I tried on the costume, a nice YMCA type Cowboy number! I was not magically transported to the Wild West, which was a bit of a disappointment but I got over it.

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We don't miss you either Roger. :)


OP - you mentioned shops (plural) what else is opening then?


I did mean costa as well but was more interested in the old mea site. Disappointed really as thought it could have been a decent shop.


Lots being refurbished but aside from Costa, I've not heard of anything else new opening up. I did hear from a couple of people that the old Pickwicks (next to Lloyds TSB) was going to be a shoe shop.

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They're on the door.


It did look like it was about to open, few people milling about in there yesterday afternoon - no idea if they were staff or customers. A sign on the door/window saying opening on ... would be handy.

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They need to sort those steamy windows out - you can't see in the place for condensation.


They shut early too, 5pm,


If i knew it was 5pm I would have popped in. The sign on the door says half 4 so I took my business elsewhere

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