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Exhibition Of Still Life - Post Office Regent Street

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From now until Xmas Eve.


This morning, with queues out of the door there were two counter staff in action (well almost), numbers 3 and 4. By the time I had worked my way up to halfway, i.e. facing the top of the counter again, cashiers 3 and 4 had disappeared (no doubt on a stress relief break) and had been replaced by cashiers 5 and 6. They were possessed of the same dead slow and stop gears of the previous two.


In this their supposed busiest week, could they not manage a couple of other cashiers. My wait was 40+ miniutes. Some of those in the queue looked as if they would not see 75 again. Is it fair to make anybody, particularly the elderly, queue for 40 minutes when there were obviously other cashiers available. And why, at this time of year, does it not justify having three or four permanent cashiers on duty permanently attending to the public (their paymasters)? Their demeanour demonstrated "we are not going to hurry for anybody" and they certainly did not. Two in particular looked as if they were exhibits from Damien Hirst, missing only the surround of formaldehide.


Roll on privatisation.

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haha! I know exactly what you mean, but its not just christmas its all year round! When I used to work in a customer service occupation if it was really busy or I had a massive queue I would always make the effort to get to them really quickly.


I think because everybody in there needs that service and its not like a supermarket or pub where people can go elsewhere, IOM Post just do not give a shit about keeping people waiting, apologising for wait etc.. Having said that all the cashiers (that I have come across) are always very friendly and helpful, when you eventually get there!

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The reality is presumably that the Post Office want to get rid of post offices. The Regent Street one in particular must be seen as a valuable site, so they are not going to do anything to encourage anyone to use it, and I assume it is actually owned by the Post Office unlike some of the others.


You can also see something of this desire in the introduction of the Pay&Post machines which have just been further increased in number and location. Whether these will actually justify with additional earnings their purchase, running and maintenance costs is another matter, but they will certainly take business away from the PO counters.


And anyone who thinks that privatisation would lead to better level of service is dreaming. All that would happen is that Regent Street would be closed down and sold off to make a quick buck. And the queues would get longer elsewhere.

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With regard to reducing Post Office services I have recently filled in an application form for a retirement pension and there is no provision on the form to allow you to draw it at a Post Office, only to have it paid into a bank or similar account.

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