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Just put it in the normal bin. Nobody checks. Nobody cares. Least of all me.

In respect of reprocessing and recycling, we need to massively up our game. Introducing phoney charges like this just bumps up the unit costs and makes it less attractive. can they just not accep

Tosser at the tip turned me away the other day because the man's van (who was helping me to bring things down) was too big - total jobsworth told me I could go home and put the items in my car and do

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8 minutes ago, lowell thurber said:

height restriction is a bit strange I couldn't go into the Eastern site with a kayak on the roof of my car was warned after driving round the height barrier but no problem in the works lorry which is wider and nearly twice as long

You should have said it was a kayak with a car attached to the underside and then you would have been ok......it would have confused them

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I sometimes wonder what Douglas Corporations future vision is?

They have got shut of the Horse Trams, Chester Street Car Park, now considering farming out the Amenity site! (I am sure there are more).

Where is all of the rates revenue going? staff, vehicles and buildings I presume.

Time for change in the Municipal Building, lots of senior staff milking the place dry.


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13 minutes ago, Last Ten said:

Where is all of the rates revenue going? staff, vehicles and buildings I presume.

All these Govt bodies and many LAs are spending big on themselves and have been for a few years now.

The problems will arise when near-future Budgets require them to tighten their belts and the usual method of "savings" (ie price and charges hikes) is met with the long overdue pitchfork and burning torch marches. 

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Corpy's nothing like as bad as it was when it had the Villa. The freeloading was unbelievable, with a special (free) bar for the Entertainments Committee and cronies as well as free admission. No freebies in car parks, so may as well ditch them.

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