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Snow Warning


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Significant snowfall expected from 00.30 onwards according to the weather service.


Detailed Forecast


Issued by Ronaldsway Meteorological Office at 17 January 2013 8:45AM

Cloudy today with occasional rain or drizzle, still falling as snow over the hills at times. Moderate, locally fresh, south-easterly winds will become fresh to strong this afternoon and it will be very cold, temperatures hovering around 4 Celsius at best, nearer to freezing on the hill tops with a risk of ice here.


Tonight a band of heavier rain and sleet will edge in from the west, turning readily to snow on the hills, with the snow possibly starting to extend to lower levels as well. The southeasterly will be close to gale force.


Sunrise: 8:26am Tomorrow

Sunset: 4:31pm Today



Overcast and bitterly cold on Friday with snow becoming persistent and likely to settle on low ground. Substantial snowfall will accumulate as the day progresses, especially over the hills and away from the east coast, with drifting in the strong to near gale south-east winds.



So, as I'm currently on foreign assignment for the manx wet ops working elsewhere, may I make the daring request that the good people of ManxForums utilise their various camera phones and other gadgets to capture the ensuing chaos for all eternity?


I love snow and would be out there in a flash with multiple lenses, but unfortunately I have to put up with 30+ degrees, cocktails and bikini models by the pool at the moment, so can't attend IOM news duties. I'm sure you understand.


Thank you & have fun in the snow! w00t.gif

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Announcement due at 4pm today (17th Jan 2013) re possible school closures.


Personally, I wouldn't bank on the snow hitting us, after all it's the Isle of Man and our weather is completely different to anywhere else!!


If they do close then hurrah, could be a day off work (with the sprogs), but if they predict snow and then it doesn't snow, will they re-open the schools and we will have to trudge into school and work?

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This will go the same as always...snow warning goes out, people panic, the mountain gets a bit snowy, rest of the island either gets a light dusting or rain....then life returns to normal.


Meanwhile, Shipshite and Tescos get cleared out like its the end of days and the ferries will be cancelled.


But no real snow will fall.

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