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The Swiss House

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We were planning to call in the other week - stopped at Glen Helen to walk the dog then thought we'd call into the Swiss House for lunch. There was a big board on the roadside saying it was open, and another in the car park saying the same....but it wasn't. It's closed on Mondays. I've no problems with a place shutting for a day at all, but they should really organise their signage to avoid disappointment. We ended up eating in the Glen Helen pub which was nice enough, but I'd still like to give the Swiss House a try.

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Went on Sunday for lunch. Limited menu printed on a piece of A5 paper. I went for the Hock Terrine which came with a chutney, which tasted bland and two pieces of bread, which had been toasted and had a bit of a burnt taste. For the mains I had the Chicken fillet, filled with cheese and wrapped in parma ham,came with roast potatoes a giant Yorkshire Pudding and a selection of roasted veg. It was okay, nothing special really, the Yorkshire Pudding was over cooked and there wasn't enough gravy on the plate. 6/10.


Going again on Tuesday so will hopefully be able to try something from the full menu.

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Just a bump on this.


Me and the family were heading to Tynwald Mills on Saturday but fancied a change for lunch.


We nipped up to Glen Helen with a view to going to the Swiss House. The Glen Helen Inn itself looked in a bit of a sorry state, made worse by the relatively miserable day. Naively we didn't realise the Swiss House was set back on the left. Anyway, when we figured that out, we popped in.


The food was brilliant. My daughter ordered a sausage and chips (expecting the usual cheapo sausage etc) but instead got a BBQ'd cumberland-style sausage (=nice). My young fella fancied a burger (which wasn't on the kids menu), they happily obliged and priced as per the kids menu. We had a couple of courses and overall it was great and reasonably priced for what it is (its slightly more expensive than the average pub, but worth it).


Quite an extensive menu and good options for the kids. Friendly and prompt service.


Its always good to see the Chef cooking the food while you wait, in this case, on their Josper Oven, nice BBQ-style, flames and all. The highlight was the auto-piano playing the odd Star Wars tune (for a 9 year old who loves Star Wars).


New favourite place for a weekend outing.

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Just heard a rumour that the Swiss House is closing down. Does anyone know if this is true or is it just hearsay?

From their FB page...


We have got some wonderful news to share with all of our friends, family and customers….

Robin is due to get married to his beautiful partner Lili who has just moved to the island from Japan & they are over the moon to be expecting their first baby daughter in April.


As a result, Joan has decided that it is time to take a step back and start enjoying family life and in order to do so, and prepare herself for being a grandmother has made the decision to take a well-deserved and very overdue retirement from working as a chef within the company.


Following his recent notice to leave, we would also like to wish our head chef at the Swiss House Chris Stott lots of luck and enjoyment in his next career more to Pets at home. Thank you for all your hard work over the past few months.

Unfortunately these new and exciting changes within our lives have forced us to make some very important decisions. It is also a sad & very frustrating realisation that despite our continued efforts over the past year to find any suitable staff to work within our kitchen at the Swiss house we have not been able to. We have a wonderful loyal customer base, a beautiful property in a stunning location, brilliant front of house staff, but no kitchen team to complete it.


As a family business we are always striving for the highest standards, consistently delivered with enthusiasm, passion and pride. Until we can find a kitchen team that are as hard working and like- minded as ourselves, who are just as passionate as we are about their jobs and our customers, we are not willing or able to continue as we are. We are therefore choosing to temporarily cease operating the Swiss House as a restaurant and continue for the time being as just a venue, catering for private functions.

We are honouring all functions that have bookings with us and for information on hiring the Swiss House for your event you can contact us via The Boatyard Restaurant in Peel or Tanroagan Restaurant in Douglas. All gift vouchers purchased via the Swiss House are still valid for both of our other restaurants.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our fabulous customers, suppliers, friends & staff that have supported us at the Swiss House over the past years, we hope you will continue you to do so at our Boatyard Restaurant & Tanroagan Restaurant.


Laura, Robin & Joan Mowat

The Tartan Group Restaurants

The Boatyard - Peel

Tanroagan - Douglas

The Swiss House - Glen Helen

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What a shame, amazing though that they can't find people to work in the kitchen. Was there a couple of Sunday's ago for lunch. Place was about two thirds full, service was good and the food excellent. Let's hope they sort the staff problem out and it reopens soon.


Strange career change for the chef to move to Pets at Home.

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What a shame, amazing though that they can't find people to work in the kitchen. Was there a couple of Sunday's ago for lunch. Place was about two thirds full, service was good and the food excellent. Let's hope they sort the staff problem out and it reopens soon.


Strange career change for the chef to move to Pets at Home.


May want to change to unsociable hours.


I have to admit I would be reluctant to set up a restaurant in the IoM unless I was a chef as there is a limited pool of good chefs. I mentioned in the Samphire thread why if you were good would you not be looking to run your own restaurant. I appreciate there is a finance issue and some people are happier working for somebody else but it is not as if we have restaurants with big brigades of restaurants and in many of the restaurants there are only a couple of chefs and I presume they very strongly influence the direction/standard of a restaurant. Loose one of them and you are almost starting from scratch.


From buying Tanrogan the Tartan Group have expanded and I do wonder if they have become over reliant on finding good chefs to run their rstaurants. They must have sunk a fair bit into the Swiss Chalet and for all Tanrogan's reputation it has a lot more competition now than when they bought it. Just round the corner you now have Little Fish & Samphire. Both serve very good food and probably are better positioned if only cos there view is of the Quay rather than Ridgeway Street.

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