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Big Brother

i know how u are

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I suppose its safe to say that this Big Brother thread is definitely dead in the water!  The actual programme hasn't even started yet either!


Yeah, that pesky 'i know how u are' eh? Maybe we should ban the ip his posts come from, would that be ok with you Mildpuss?


As long as where offices are concerned you could just stop a SPECIFIC computer that would be absolutely fine with me ans.

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Look at that! A section of the forum dedicated to TV and films.


Threads tend to stay on topic in there.


So long as people put some thought into their posts. And are polite. And don't get upset when people disagree with them. And don't take offence when others work out other forums they post on just from their spelling and general attitude.

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There's only one forum for Big Brother:




The series hasn't even started yet, and there are 709 people viewing the board.  :o

There are on air auditions on during the early hours on E something or other.


They seem to have 60 seconds allotted in order to


lower their pants

jangle their facial metal

tell you they're willing to have sex, on camera and often, with anything

if black, wear sideways baseball hats and say yuh know wot I'm sayin' man a lot in some alien patois

if white, take their tops off, show you their tattoos and swear a lot.


What a load of rubbish.

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I must admit, that's the only part of Big Brother that I try and watch. The rejected videos that all the losers who try to get on have sent in. They're both pitiful and hilarious.

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so this one thread has put u off going on manxpower.


Sarah / Taken , i have been back on Manxpower and i have to admit there does seem to be quite a few people who have a geuine interest , there are a few threads that do bring your reputation down , but you always get idiots in every field i suppose , i have posted a couple of things and await the replys.


Good luck and enjoy your hobby....

Edited by sideways
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Dear Jim'll fix it,


i like to think i hate big brother, but each time i find myself being drawn into its clutches, finding the lure of a bunch of mis-matched deviants, embarrasingly addictive. Cut to the chase Jim, can you fix it for me, to make this years Big Brother as entertaining as this thread,

many thanks,





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cheers for the comments sideways! you always get the odd people like that one forums.....im prolly classed as one on here!!!! lol


LMAO at the mo beats experience

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LMAO, even more when you know he REALLY wanted to go on it.....Did you ever send your tape in Mo? did you do it?

I would have loved seeing Mo on the Tee Vee. Qwality entertainment. I'm sorry I cannot do texting speaking but I am trying to type 'coolishly with spelling errors' - am I down with it dudettes?


Mo for BB 5 (or 6 whatever number its on) - I think I will probably watch it but not for the first week - I'll wait til the noisey screaming ones get voted out.

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