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i know how u are

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LMAO, even more when you know he REALLY wanted to go on it.....Did you ever send your tape in Mo? did you do it?

I would have loved seeing Mo on the Tee Vee. Qwality entertainment. I'm sorry I cannot do texting speaking but I am trying to type 'coolishly with spelling errors' - am I down with it dudettes?


Mo for BB 5 (or 6 whatever number its on) - I think I will probably watch it but not for the first week - I'll wait til the noisey screaming ones get voted out.

I think about it every year, got to be a giggle innit, do nothin except lounge about in the sun, eating beans, drinkin' cheap cider, jacuzzi's, all i'd miss would be ma tuna. I never see anything about it till its too late, judgin by the mess of people they got in last year though, i might be too normal these days :blink:

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was getting depressed reading and realising quite how we all deep in the shit everyones a cunt blah blah etc.. decided seek some light relief click on my birthdate then first name(out of 20 odd)..am honoured to say it was "i know how you are" their first post lead me to possibly the most bizarre thread i ever have read on here and thats saying something..a bizarreness only matched by the fact 2 guests are also reading it at the same time as me... am i being followed?

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