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Big Brother

i know how u are

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I've watched them all (apart from the series before last, which truly was dull).


I think the first two were probably the best, 3 was awful and 4 marginally better (although Victor was as funny as xxxx).


I can take it or leave it really but if it's on and I happen to have C4 on, I am strangely drawn to it for some reason (maybe it's the threat of something exciting happening - I dunno).


I'll have a look at it anyway, see how it shapes up this year.

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I don't particularly like BB, but then there are other channels that I can watch.


What does really irritate me though, is that when BB is on I find the other channels just show complete rubbish, possibly on the basis that no-one is going to watch because most people are looking at channel 4

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