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Crooked Roofer Fined For Deception

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From iomtoday News site:


Cowboy builder taken to court




Published on Wednesday 6 March 2013 13:00

A COWBOY builder admitted deception when he appeared in court.

Crosswell Alan Barton was sentenced to three months in jail suspended for two years.

Mr Barton was also fined £500 for knowingly making a false trade description, ordered to pay costs of £2,617 and compensation of £4,500.

He was trading under the name of Simply Roofing when the offences were committed in late 2011.

The deception offence was committed when Mr Barton dishonestly obtained £4,250 from his victim by falsely representing that roofing work listed in a quotation had been completed. In fact it had not been completed.

Mr Barton made the false trade description when he placed an advertisement in a local paper stating that Simply Roofing was established in 1985, whereas in fact the business was established in November 2011.

An independent expert witness stated that the work that Mr Barton did undertake at his victim’s home address was ‘to a standard significantly below what we would reasonably expect of a competent tradesman’ and was of the opinion that all the work undertaken required attention given the ‘poor workmanship’.

Barton was brought to justice after an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading’s trading standards department.

More on this story in this week’s Manx Independent - in shops from Thursday morning.


Link to article and readers comments: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/cowboy-builder-taken-to-court-1-5471030


Below is a copy of his Company advertisement on iomtoday find it service:



Simply Roofing


View on map


Owner description:

  • Simply Roofing Established in 1985, all aspects of roofing work carried out, Slating, Tiling, Pointing, Lead Work, Ridges, Velux Windows, Flat Roofs.



  • Home Services



  • Rockside, Head Road, Douglas
  • Douglas, Isle of Man
  • IM1 5AZ
  • 07624 233556

Opening hours: Call any time.

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being on the list is no guarantee of a decent job either!

He deserves a right slating.

Approved Contractors list

I don't know what it is about roofers but there does seem to be a lot of dodgy ones about. I once employed one to repair the lead flashing/ slates around a chimney stack, I had noticed that the slates and lead hidden behind the stack were in a poor condition when I was up a ladder painting the gable wall.


I contacted a roofer that I was told was OK and paid him to sort it out. He was at the house for a full day with his assistant and I thought that was about the right amount of time to do the job properly.


6 months later, after the summer and during the first really heavy, prolonged rain we experienced for a long time, the bedroom ceiling above the stack developed a drip. I could not get hold of the same roofer so I called another roofer who came out the next day and told me that the other guy had not repaired the roof, he had actually only removed slates, nothing more, leaving a hole about 6 inches by 18 inches beside the stack!


The thing that got me was that the roofer I had employed to do the repair in the first place, had spent about 6 hours actually on the roof, I was at home the day he was there, so he must have just sat up there doing nothing. Thats just mental, never mind poor work.................

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I am pretty sure that this guy did "work" for me around the same time and I was delighted to see the OFT act. Not that I will ever see the money I stupidly coughed up again but at least someone was prepared to fight a case through the OFT. These people deserve all they get for being opportunistic scumbags.

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Roofers are poor excuses for workers in general BR, I hate them. We had a roof re-laid and tiled a couple of years ago, the guy who contracted them for us told me to keep an eye on their time, which I did. They charged us for the time it took them to goto the builders yard in Castletown to buy more tiles, their hours were 7 more than I had accounted for, and I thought I had been generous...paid them but...they are little scum bags and I will never use them again and have told anyone who will listen what skivers and cheats they are, eotd, their loss, we need a full new roof and the small job was a 'tester'.


Then there was the plasterer who claimed 'everyone knows you've to sand a new ceiling before you paint it' - twat! Yeah, you're still waiting for the money and will still be waiting when I die.


Then there was the builder who came to sort out a few issues with our roof and do a spot of rendering, he was another one, full of all the talk & not a lot of action for a fair wedge of cash (oh yeah, asked for cash for banking reasons.....don't think so, I operate with bills and receipts) I heard afterwards that he wears glasses so people trust him....and borrows his mates car to go away coz his fancy piece in Liverpool thinks he's a millionaire. lol. Another one who I'll tell folk about.

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