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Battlefield 4


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looks very pretty...but jeez that generic by the numbers game-play.


So many good shooters out there at the moment BF4 is really going to have to up it's game. I've not played BF3 now since the aftermath dlc


Planetside 2 offers bigger battles, and Arma3 is really scratching the "tactical" itch. I don't really see any other shooters coming up ( apart from the obligatory annual COD title ), so to be honest I was expecting something more.


Still very very pretty, looks like it's getting about time to upgrade the GPU or think about another 580 and throwing it in SLI!

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Yeah multiplayer on BF4 is all I'm interested in. Should be getting a spanking new gaming PC in the next couple of months and for me it will be Arma 3 - I'll hook up with you when it's all fired up K.


EDIT: I'd like to see the BF series do some older style scenarios but with the latest graphics - I always loved BF Vietnam.

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Vietnam (before they patched the crap out of it) was excellent. BF2 was ok (Singleplayer was pretty good story) BF3 pushed the boundaries again, BF4 'should be' pretty good.


DICE should fuck EA off and go it alone, EA are a cancer to the gaming scene in my opinion.


Tried a bit of Arma, but I didn't click with it.

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The addition of being able to shoot C4/Mines with a sniper rifle has provided hours of trolling giggles to me in BF3..the amount of tank drivers who yell hax when I kill their tank with my trusty M98b :D

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