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Mine doesn't seem to be any better. Still only seeing free apps and if I try to download WhatsApp for example I get 'This item is not available in your country'. And because it's not available in my country I don't see it listed in the store so have to Google for it.

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Seen a couple of people on my Facebook feed claiming the Google Play issue seems to be resolved as of today? I don't have a spare vanilla Android device handy to test, has anyone else noticed this?

I got a new phone on Thursday and haven't had the "not available in your country" on anything I've downloaded or viewed in the playstore. Maybe it's only fixed for the latest Android 6?

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Cleared my cache, off an on again.


Still a load of free apps. No paid for.


So switching to Windows or Apple after this one gives up the ghose


Your between a rock and a hard place.

Apple you will have to pay for all the free apps you had on Android

Windows don't have the apps you had on Android


I went to Windows, it's in the drawer now and I'm back on Android.

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How is this still a thing? Why on earth have MT, Sure and google not managed to sort it out yet? 

Nipper got some google play vouchers for his birthday, can't easily use them. Anyone recommend a free android tablet based vpn I can use for 20 minutes to add them and buy a couple of thongs he wants? In the past I've used cyber ghost but these days its a rubbish ad filled trial version.

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