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Airlines Charges Passengers By Weight

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It was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment about scum of the earth but it can still be very annoying when you have to actually hold a strangers meal whilst they and/or their partner is shimmying back and forth to the facilities. Overweight I may be but it doesn't take me any longer than anyone else to get out of my seat and as I usually sit in an aisle seat I'm up and down more than most during a long-haul flight (it doesn't bother me in the slightest at other times just peeves me somewhat when food is being served).

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Yeah... but how are we gonna get rid of Reynolds if she can't afford the fare?

Yes, that's it, I'm severely underheight for my weight.

When I saw it on the news, the expert was talking about this only affecting people flying from A to B. So I don't see how it affects the island, cos I've never seen either A or B on the destination or

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Pretty cunning of Samoan Airlines to be honest.

Have you ever seen a skinny Samoan?


Not only that, but Samoa Air flies three aircraft. If I remember correctly, they are a Cessna 170 (4 seats including pilot) and two Britten Norman BN2A Islanders (10 seats including pilot).


A Cessna 170 has a maximum payload of maybe 600 to 1,000 pounds including fuel. I don't think their Cessna 170 is a model that can handle anything near 1,000 pounds. With a 600 pound payload, a 150 pound pilot and a 350 pound Samoan and fuel would pretty much max out the aircraft. If he's paying by the seat, then there would be two seats that could not be used at all.


I think that the maximum capacity of a Britten Norman BN2A is something like 3,000 pounds including luggage and fuel. With five 400 pound Samoans, a pilot, and fuel, there likely wouldn't be much left over for anyone to occupy the other seats.


Of all the peoples in the United States, the group with the largest percentage as NFL football players is the Samoans.

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