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Manx Inflation - Feb 2013 - Food Price Increases - Do We Need A Food Bank?

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OAP's question "when does my pension go up to cover such food price increases?"


My grandfather's pension has actually decreased since the government amalgamated the public sector pensions. Yet another scam to shaft the little people. I wouldn't be surprised if, under the same amalgamation, the people with bigger pensions got an increase. I mean, where exactly is the money my grandfather is now missing from his pension actually going? Somebody is obviously cashing it in. I'd love to know who. Or maybe it's being diverted into the Treasury to maintain the opulent lifestyle of the plethora of overpaid civil servants.

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Let them eat cake.

Probably due to it's yet to be revealed 30% dog meat content...........Don't worry It's Not Poodle.



Please tell more are all Civil Servants allowed a guest at the subsidised canteen at Gov offices.


Surely not.


Yes, it is a new policy that they are now allowed to bring a guest with them. I think it's just one guest. Most civil servants have a swipe card to get in, although blue collar workers or people in the Health Service might not have them. It is located on the ground floor of the main government offices. Just keep walking forwards. All the MHK's go in there for their dinner on a Tuesday too. The civil servants are able to phone up and make requests.


Is it open to the Public [Plebs] ? all year round, or only for a couple of months every four years, and can they serve alcohol. Loyalty Cards available from 'Tesco' and 'Dandara' offices

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Maybe all the pensioners on just the state pension should contact their MHK,and invite themselves for a meal at this canteen,which is another snub at the taxpayer who believe we are all in this together.

Why are we letting them get away with it,the French peasants showed the aristocracy where to go,in a small way it is the same,they are living off the fat of the land,and many are struggling to pay bills and eat.


When the shit really hits the fan it's not as if they can all live in some gated community up in Andreas together though is it? They walk among us.....and when peasants from Pully get mad at their restricted food stamps and are looking for some fun.....

Maybe some of the mhk's will end up in the 'gated community ' up jurby.

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I was under the impression the Govt canteen is run at cost rather than being subsidised.

So they pay for the electric that they use, they pay fair market rent for the central location. And the salary and pension contributes of the staff are covered in the price of the food also?

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Phew at least pot noodle hasn't gone up


Maybe not when you take inflation into account but its "flavor" is a shadow of its former self. I used to love a Pot Noodle in my youth but over the years I found it less and less tasty. I thought it must have been my taste maturing to more natural and healthy foods but apparently not.


I have only recently found out the reason for this lack of flavor, "they" have slashed the salt content!


Now I add a good heaped teaspoon of freshly ground sea salt to the pot and it tastes just like the good old days.


Life dont get much better than sitting on the couch on a Sunday, feet up on the pouf, eating a home salted, Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle, while watching the Formula 1 race.



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compare month on month food prices




a selection:_

bread UP 0.8%

beef DOWN 0.9%

lamb DOWN 4.9%

pork n/c

bacon UP 4.2%

fish UP 2.3%

cheese UP 7%

eggs DOWN 0.8%

milk DOWN 1.4%

potatoes UP 0.5%

vegetables UP 3.0%

please feel free to correct my maths if necessary....

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