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Visit To The Isle Of Man By The Chinese Ambassador To The Uk


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der...am thinking perhaps I was asleep when the visit was announced

I now read from the Govt Press Release dated today 12 April that "this week welcomed His Excellency Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom, on a three-day visit to the Island". and I hear on MR Allan Bell saying he wrote and invited him in February and received a quick reply.


But I don't recall previously reading or hearing in advance as to when he was in fact due to visit - did I miss this?


Please Forum Members let me know what and when you knew of the visit.






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Probably a worthwhile visit. Don't understand the apparent secrecy though?

Possibly because the last time there was an official from China over on a visit there were "free Tibet" protests at a few places on the island.


I asked for some free Tibet and received some funny looks, odd that really, considering I recover free cheese amongst other things.

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I'm waiting for the delegation from North Korea to turn up and Mr Bell spouting the usual tripe about forging successful trade relationships.

Don't knock it - a wonderful opportunity involved for the creamery when we introduce them to the delicacy of 'dog, cheese & gravy.'

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Anything that strengthens ties between the soon-to-be largest economy in the world and our piddly little rock can't be a bad thing. Making a play for any European expansion of large Chinese multinationals, with the favourable tax implications, mightn't be a bad call. Even if they were only satellite offices.

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So what's in it for them - really?


Close to the UK

Some tax incentives


what else?

Tax breaks and then a long-term work contract for the DOI to build missile silos at Jurby (after they've done Peel Road and the Douglas Prom)

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