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Linkspan Damaged ?

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Little dickie bird tells me that the Ben My Chree has just thumped the SPC/GOV linkspan and a lump of it is not where it should be !!!! The Ben then had to swap to the other span to dock. Sounds exp

I've watched the Ben sailing into the harbour on many a night and admired the Captains skill, doing what, in a car would be a handbrake turn. Not a lot of room down there, but I've been amazed at what

They usually wait until TT week to stuff the thing into the pier!

Government divers would normally be down to inspect the boat, but Govt have stopped their out of hours standby payment, so the Ben will have to sit in Douglas till the morning before she gets inspected.

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The old steam turbine vessels had no bow thrusters or sat nav


The skippers were incredibly skilful in getting in and out of the harbour using only the bow & stern rudders


The technique for getting out of Fleetwood was to swing the vessel around in the river and stick the bow in the mud, then power the stern around on one engine

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I don't see that the linkspan itself is affected - it looks like just the structure against which the ship berths that is affected - I mean the part that the side of the ship is moored against, not the ramp.

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beep beep beep beep beep beep beep, not reversing aids, but the profanity buzzer on the bridge getting a good workout.

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