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Hall Still Flying?


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What about Cretney running his shop? Or Robertshaw running his laundry business?


FFS we even had a Chief Minister who sold lightbulbs and tat for years.


I guess it's up to his constituents whether they feel they are getting shafted. Having said all that though, he does seem to have been noticeably quieter in Keys lately. Not so many questions asked since his pretty fiery start.


I wonder whether he has fell out of love with a bit since the whole Education saga and being kicked out our Lib Van.

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I know licences have to be kept up, but can he give us, as a nation, our full 'moneys worth'?


Should he resign his position and force an election?

I heard about this on MR News and listening to what Bell had to say I think he sounded like he was trying to score a few cheap points against Zac.


Personally I would be more likely to believe Bell was unfit for his lofty position before passing any judjement on Zac.

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Don't forget Bell & Teare running the hotel & property group hug.gif

and the farmers and the other one that owns the giftware company, most of them have real jobs as well !

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And don't forget Phil Braidwood MLC. People are getting shat on by our establishment while he is happy licking little old ladies stamps in his Post Office.


Makes me puke.


But there again, Tynwald feels it has enough money to waste by paying has-been-no-use-in-the-first-place-MHKs £1,000 a week for doing what is effectively bugger all.

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It may not be what we expect now but I thought that the position of an MHK was meant to be a part time job and the remuneration was based accordingly. The fact that ministers etc get a higher salary was not to reflect the additional responsibility but the additional work which almost made the job full time.

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