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To an extend I agree consultants can be divisive and need to be given clear direction / goals in order to achieve positive outcomes. However are the IOM government capable changing themselves at a pace of anything faster than glacial? Have they actually done much other than put a head count freeze in place?


Do you believe the IOM Government if left to themselves can sort things on there own in a reasonable timeframe (before they really do run into serious financial hardship)? If the answer is no then do they not need help from experienced people that are used to leading / driving through change?

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If it is right in what you are claiming then who is supervising the Supervisor or Foreman on the job?   I bet it all boils down to the lack of any Managerial Supervision from the senior staff of the

Can anyone enlighten us as to the hours that Dept of Infrastructure manual staff, (ie. road workers), are actually meant to be working? As far as I was aware it is meant to be from 8am to 4.30pm. I k

It seems to be the accepted way, Ballanard Road is another shining example of how to skive off work and pretend like you are busy, walk up and down, look at something, wait for Water man, wait for MEA

Change in any Civil Service is always difficult to achieve as any reform will always be criticised by someone. The bus drivers are a good example at the moment - if the Government did nothing the public would criticise them for overpaying the drivers. They move to address this and a number of people turn on overpaid managers.


If Bus Vannin was a private operation this would all have been sorted out months ago but because the Governments priorities are a mixture between managing tight budgets and pleasing the population then there is more of a conflict.


What the population generally want is lower taxes and increased spending on public services. That leaves Politicians and the Civil Service struggling as there are very few places they can raise money from.


I think change is important but as a member of society we need to remember that we place conflicting demands and expactations on the Civil Service, Public Services and Government.

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