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Anybody playing the demo for this at the moment? It's available as a demo on PC, and is currently awaiting being greenlit by Steam




It's a 2D action-platformer roguelike game, playing a bit like Castlevania, with the procedurally-generated levels of classic dungeon crawlers. The best thing about it is that although it's rather difficult, dying isn't the end of the game - when you die, you choose an heir from a list of 3 classes (randomly generated as well) with numerous traits (from the useful ones like being too big to be knocked back when you get hit, to the less useful but still funny ones like tourettes which produces a !?!?!?!? speech bubble when you take damage) who gets all the gold and powerups etc you collected in your last run - and you use those to buy more powerups and equipment etc. It has XBox 360 controller support (and using Motion in Joy you can make your PS3 controller appear to be a 360 controller to your PC). This video explains it a lot better than I can, and shows off the gameplay too:


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