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Do We Need America?

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Let us look at this properly now,




Does not want tourists, the locals rob them, shoot them or both.


Does not want Americans to leave the country, it makes the exchange rate prohibitive, makes them liable to fraud coz they don't have chip and pin cards (probably coz they never invented it) Airline seats do not allow for their lardy backsides (fanny)


Does not support free travel within their own country - 55mph top speed, a slow and cumbersome public transport system that goes sooo slow, people can write their names and draw pictures on the side. Constant reminders that even travelling anywhere in the US at a Maximum of 55mph will cause your car to leave the road, tumble for 10000 yards and burst into flames.


NYPD cops are hard, they fight anything with a machine gun or explosives, but spend all the time eating 'twinkies'


The place is full of nutters in vans with bombs, guns, dead people, sometime all at the same time.


They are health and safety mad, speed limit, wont allow any cars not built in America to drive on their roads unless they are vast expensive things with lots of air bags, roll bars and have rubber bumpers fitted - yet they allow Joe Public to have a gun in his pants (shorts) draw, keep 'gas' cans full of liquid in 'basements'.


They cannot make a cup of tea - instead, drink decaff shite.


Only have half the electricity we have, yet can make sparks from downed power lines jump 100s of feet and chase girls with stupid names up the side of houses, which always have a handy trellis affair and iffy gutters.


Everyone owns a pool, which, at some point, a dead body is going to end up floating in.


Drugs can be got at any school by the one with the fast, black car.

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They are rather good at bombing innocent people and inventing stories to cover themselves in glory.


Moscow Olympics - where a white man won the 100m sprint because all the black men were boycotting the games because the nasty nasty Russians had invaded Afghanistan then 20 years later the Americans did the same thing.


So the Mujahideen went from being freedom loving plucky heroes to nasty nasty islamic zealots with beards who keep their women uneducated and dressed in sacks.


We do not need the Yanks nor all their bullshit, we have enough of our own bullshit.

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