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Good news and no damage I hope. Safe to go off topic now:


I think the Government should provide incentives to buy Smart cars and the like. It would solve many parking problems and they are more than adequate for the vast majority of travel on the Island. (while I have been writing this more than two dozen saloon cars with one person in them have passed my window, basically going from A to B within the Douglas area, I would say.)


I spoke to someone at a motorway service station the other day who has an electric car. He swears by it and would never dream of going back to petrol/diesel. It's the future, no doubt about it. I think the Island could become an example of how smaller more efficient vehicles can help a community.


A bit of positive publicity sort of thing..

You are right RonnieD - I have an electric car (motivated by seeing TT Zero electric bikes) and would not consider going back to petrol or diesel. However, I got mine from the UK via Athol Garage, as there is no IOM Government incentive - unlike the UK where there is a £5000 grant plus zero road tax. It's all very well to talk about green issues and cutting down on pollution but it is just talk. The Isle of Man should have been showing the way on this but instead has missed the opportunity and government couldn't afford to do it in the present economic climate.

Yes the IOM government talk about Clean Tech but they are only interested in money and investments. There is no incentive for members of the general public to buy electric vehicles.


I think the islands government have the right policy as far as electric vehicles go. Not offering incentives or throwing good money at people to encourage them to buy electric cars is the correct policy.


If and when electric vehicles become properly viable they will not need to be subsidised, people will buy them if they make economic/practical sense.


Until that time, we are doing the best thing by not wasting precious money on these very inefficient means of transport.


FFS the power stations still pump out emissions, its just transferring the emissions to another place and even nuclear power does not cut it, those plants are producing a by-product so bad we dont know what to do with it apart from store it a few miles away and hope it goes away..........

Oxis Energy Lithium Sulphur A Safe And Viable Technology :





I wonder if these batteries will push the TT Zero lap record past the 120 mph barrier.

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The police recovered the car last night. Many thanks for keeping an eye out.   Steven Martin Omnitec Ltd.

Might have been a genuine mistake? These cars, especially when there are two parked closely together, are so often easily mistaken for someone's pair of trainers.

Wow, I'd be surprised about any car getting nicked over here and am astounded that someone thought of and carried out nicking a less common vehicle with specific advertising on it.   Good luck in re

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Homebrew electric cars seem to be quite popular on the other side of the Atlantic.

How hard would it be to get one approved for road use over here? It's a use for an old Saxo etc. Yank the engine out, stick an electric motor on and some batteries in and you have an electric car. It's been done with old Geos etc.


Electric cars and nuclear power would be the logical step forward, yes radiation is bad and all that, but what isn't bad for you? Plus, it's cheap and cleaner than coal etc. Modular nuclear reactors within shipping container sized packages have already been demo'd. You bury it for 20 years and dig it up when it needs refueling, the risk of meltdown is ridiculously low, a major problem can go on for days before you need to react to it before irreversible damage.


I like your thinking, are you related to the professor in Futurama?


I would go for the old nuclear submarine tied up in Douglas harbour with a remote control, any sign of a problem, un-clip the power cord feeding the islands grid and send it out to sea in the direction of Windscale..................


If only. If only. I think the world just requires some ingenuity around. If I had a few hundred quid, the time and space, I'd try the plan myself. Even throw a solar panel on the roof to power the radio and a phone charger, it'd be perfect. I could have a hole cut in the floor for low power situations, a one F. Flintstone had that one nailed pretty well.


The thing is, most modern reactors are pretty stable, compared to the ancient behemoths we still rely on. I mean look at the state of most mechanical things from the 60s/70s, now imagine that containing lots of unhealthy radioactive material and working beyond the expected life it was designed for, without half of the modern safety systems.

A floating plant would be a reasonable idea. Sellafield isn't far away, just have them ready with a big net if there's a problem and they can it in their oversized glowing swimming pools.

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Stolen motorbike just over a week ago, now a stolen car a week later?, the motorbike was recovered down a side lane in Douglas, possibly dumped due to the theft spreading quickly over facebook.


Think there may well be some theiving undesiribles on a visit to the IOM!


Are you serious? A visit to the island? You dont think we have any local low life's?

Never seen a true low life over here, most of the local pond life wouldn't have the strength to snap a steering lock let alone hot wire it.

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Was it left with the keys in it when it was stolen?


I used to have one of these and I wouldn't have thought it would be the easiest car to drive off in without the key

I am afraid I can not give any further details. The police are dealing with it now and I hope that a result can be made public later.


Best regards, Steven

Thats a yes then. Oops

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I am afraid I can not give any further details. The police are dealing with it now and I hope that a result can be made public later.


Best regards, Steven

Thats a yes then. Oops



No, that's an 'I am afraid I can not give any further details'. Hopefully you will be able to read the details after the ongoing investigation. Best regards, Steven
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