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Anyone Bank With Lloyds Tsb?

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Also....due to the fact that all the traditional shell fish cleaners are now employed as middle managers in banks, they are no longer permitted to use any ideas of their own to make decisions regardin

I have had accounts with Lloyds TSB in England and IOM. A few years ago one of their corporate reps came round to our office and they wanted our business banking to move to them.   I told them point

My daughter works in the local Lloyds TSB call centre. I know that she's conscientious and will always do her best - within the guidelines set by the bank - to assist customers. She is capable of rema

What do you need £500 cash a day for? Substances? Affection?

Plastic covers most legitimate stuff in life these days

Oh so clever (sic) troll alert warning.

OOPPS, almost missed the above post..TJ's should be included in this comment.

Genuinely concerned though about his constant change of avatar....Schizophrenia taken to the max?

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Back on topic - I'm with Lloyds in Douglas, and they seem to do everything that I need. I think my cash limit is £500 on the card, but I don't recall ever getting anywhere near that - I use cash as little as possible. I have 3 accounts there, two are linked, and if the current account has a direct debit that would take me overdrawn someone at the bank shuttles some money from the other account to cover it. On top of that I have a smallish overdraft facility on two of the accounts so that if I did go overdrawn for some reason I would not get penalised (except by a bit of interest). I can also call someone at the bank to sort out problems, not that there have been many over the past 7 years or so.


As you know, I don't work for Lloyds, and neither do any of my family/friends/vague acquaintances.

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Get rid of lloyds and go with HSBC - had a lloyds account for years and they did nothing but fuck me about.

HSBC are best of a bad bunch!


No bank is concerned about its customers they just want to squeeze as much as possible out of everybody - at the end of the day they are a shop

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