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So I need to buy a car. Preferably something large. Been keeping my eye on manxnet classfieds and stuff, and going to take a trip to that place in Foxdale and Kirk Michael on Saturday. Any recommendations or suggestions on where else I should look?



You'll have enough change left over for a week in the Maldives.

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It'll be sick 45 days each year

Ebay. Bought three up to now and saved a bunch of cash. Last one even delivered to Liverpool port. Take a mechanic with you, and you'll still save tons of cash. If you buy one from a dealer in the UK,

I've had four from Kirk Michael and never had a problem. One sourced new for me, one used for me, on e used for the MIL, and one used for the wife.   I had one from Raymoters and had no end of hass

So I need to buy a car. Preferably something large. Been keeping my eye on manxnet classfieds and stuff, and going to take a trip to that place in Foxdale and Kirk Michael on Saturday. Any recommendations or suggestions on where else I should look?

w.w.w. you will save yourself thousands,


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I can agree with the feeling about French cars, even the French don't like them. A saying goes "The French copy nobody and nobody copies the French."


As for on the Island, it's luck of the draw in a lot of ways. One car I know of was bought 6 years ago, never been to a garage since, (98 model) and still goes strong. But it is Japanese.


Whenever buying anything used and Japanese, make sure it has been very well looked after in the early years, if it has, then the odds are it'll keep on going. Otherwise, it can be a real nightmare, especially with imports like Shoguns etc.

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Avoid VSC / Kirk Michael 100%, they sold us a car with the brake pads down to the metal and a faulty timing belt adjuster after ticking it had a full service with them.

Once you find a car take it to Paul Dangerfield at Southcoast performance and he will tell you if you are about to buy a heap of shit!


I bought a car under 2 years old with a couple of thousand miles on it - long story short it turned out to be a Q plate (got to speak to previous owner who could not believe it was back on the road) the whole front had previously been stoved in!

That was towards the north of the island!


Why didn't you take it back and kick off on the forecourt?

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I personally share the antipathy for French cars but my wife likes Citroens and has never had any bother with them.


I would buy a car in the UK and, if the budget stretches, get one that is under three years old so that it doesn't have to go through the Manx test (which can be arbitrary). I sold a car to a dealer on the island not so long ago and was staggered by the mark up he had applied when it appeared in his showroom. More fool me, of course, but he wouldn't have got that price across.

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I haven't been very impressed with anywhere I've been really. Only Greens in Laxey had any real interest in selling me anything.


Buy private and have a professional look over it, just be careful of people who value there cars at the part ex value not the true value!

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All you really need to do is know how much the car you are buying is worth retail in Glasses Guide and don't exceed that price by very much. Also know what your car is worth trade in the same guide. A very clean, desirable, low mileage car is going to be worth a bit more than a higher mileage blemished car of the same age and brand.

Allow for mileage, specification and condition and bring someone with you who knows what to look for. Glasses Guide is on the dealers computer in a lot of cases, ask them to print out the value of both your and their cars, keep hold of the printout in case of any dispute later. If they say this is for trade eyes only, ask them if they want to sell the car?


Some dealers on this island do ask for more than their UK counterparts who have a bigger turnover of vehicles. That should be easily countered by doing your homework on price and condition.

The island's trading standards people will back you up if you have been taken for a mug.


There are some good dealers over here, they are not all as described above. The franchised dealers tend to work to a code of practice and there is generally an owner who you can talk to if you have any issues. They generally have procedures imposed upon them by the manufacturer they represent.


I have heard some horror stories from people buying in the UK too so that is not always the answer.


Just remember that you are buying a used car with wear and tear included. If you want it to be like new and have the sort of warranty that a new car comes with, buy a new car. Even trading standards will be unable to help you turn a five year old car into a new one!

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Many thanks for your remarks about Michael Car Centre, I have been the General Manager since July last year and i am more than happy if any one has a problem with the garage to come in and see me at the garage for a chat and a coffee.


Whilst i understand every body is entitled to an opinion i would like any body who is not happy to email me rob.thompson@mcc.co.im so i can sort any problems out. Rather than be slated and not able to deffend the company.


Iam more than happy for anybody who is not happy to tell me, if i dont know i cannot sort it out.



Many thanks

Rob Thompson



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