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Secret Underground Bunkers?

Thomas Jefferson

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I saw that, think it looks quite fun. I thought about offering £10k for it and, if accepted, living there over the summers in a tent. The neighbours look like they would kick off though and not sure if the underground shit house might stink.

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What? I saw this property the other day and thought it looked like fun but I do not have £50K in fun funds at the moment, never mind. But, Roxy baby, what you talking about? What day is good to visit I have many tales for you, none of them bad :D

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What use is a fat impotent old man if we're trying to re-build civilisation from scratch?



Pray tell us how you know this fact, TJ?

To be fair, I think he's using the word - correctly - in one of the first 3 definitions:



Not potent - lacking in power or ability

Utterly unable - to do something

Without force or effectiveness


4. lacking bodily strength or physically helpless.
5. (of a male) unable to attain or sustain a penile erection.
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No, I definitely meant No 5 --- unable to sustain a penile erection.


That might be more to do with you than him.


Bet your glad I managed to work the quote function before you backtracked.

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