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From that I would deduce


  • You have been to prison at some time
  • Probably an average manual worker
  • Have guilt feelings following an affair
  • Drive dangerously
  • Are desperately holding onto a youth that is fading
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Profile a fellow Manx forums user just for fun - for example.




With a few translations:


Loving dad and husband --- Both dad and husband have taken out restraining orders.


Hard as nails --- Enjoys getting 'hammered' every weekend.


Grafter --- Lacks educational qualifications.



Shit hot driver --- Leaves skid marks on the driver's seat.


Could out run somebody half his age --- If they're wearing a police uniform


Ambition to stop being so angry with the world --- head-butting the pavement after 3 pints is not necessarily a sign of being angry with the world.



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I'm not sure I would choose to use psychotic as the first word to describe me. Why are you so angry?

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