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£25K!!! For something that spends 98% of the time with you not in it, and parked fast rotting away and losing value due to salty sea air!!!

You're probably right, but I'd have a problem running a car that cost £1000 if I had to replace a set of tyres (? £400, certainly well before you've done 100K), brake bits, cam belt service... all th

There's a hell of a lot of scope in between the extremes of £1k and £25k, chaps. You will be able to satisfy "owning a nice car", "not seeing much depreciation", "not spending a fortune on spares", al

Car sorted, It is coming from across but through a Manx Dealer. Yes paying a bit more (about £500.00) than I would if I went over to buy it myself, but they are taking my car in part exchange and it saves me going across to get it. They will also be doing the Manx Registration stuff.

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oooh harsh L3.


Reasonable looking sled Katman, enjoy.


I didn't like the shape of the sidelight bulb holder finger grips - so I turned mine down.

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Loan sorted, went with M&S (thanks for the suggestion). Gone for £7,500.00 at 5.4% APR over two years as the interest rate was lower for £7.5k rather than £6k. Application took all of five minutes online. Got an email a couple of hours later to say it was approved.


Just got to sort the car out now.

Do you get loan interest tax relief on a M&s loan?



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