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It is a rather attractive building, when we were young we used to lie on the pavement and look at the building from the floor up, I don't know why, but it was ace.

Another beautiful building no doubt lined up for 'improvement' [Demolition] to create another Modern eyesore. 'Moving Forward'

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so today at 4:30 the doors of teh NatWest Bank on Prospect Hill closed for the last time.

Previously the doors closed in February 1900 - when Dumbell's Bank, for which the building was built, suffered financial collapse.

The signs have already gone up for the NatWest's new location.


Wondering if the old building is listed?

Could it be demolished?


Well it is listed. So they can't demolish without permission. Still there's always the unexpected fire. Or a bendy bus could crash into it.

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Whatever happened about that? The bus that careered out of control into the Isle of Man Bank building.


(I know about listed buildings going on fire and sea walls being accidentally demolished and that stuff)

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