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How does this grab you? (warning, it's rude and tasteless)  

I went there at christmas time , Food , services , Decor , price all very good , i would highly recommend

FB page works for me Slinky.


hinking about breakfast alredy? Now serving breakfast smoothies with blueberries, banana, rolled oats and honey mmmmm healthy AND delicious. (also serving bacon baps :-))


SALT and baps - only one thing springs to mind but I'm not going there. :)


Food places (or coffee shops) seem to be the in thing these days - we're either all going to die very young (but hopefully happy with bellys full of tasty food) or there's going to be a shitload of places going to the wall in the next few years when the owners realise there's just not enough people over here to support them all. Anyway good luck to them etc, it's not somewhere I'm likely to frequent due to living/working elsewhere on the island.

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Odd name for a food outlet, given the link between (too much) salt and high blood pressure / strokes / heart attacks etc.

You could be onto something there, and a key reason why my 'Fat Bast**d burger' and 'Mr Bloater ice cream' van ventures went tits up.

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Last week there were a ridiculous number of "Likes" on it's Facebook page.

How can that be ????

I certainly wouldn't use the number of Likes as an indicator of somewhere's quality and customer service but it is a bit silly.

Members of staff from Capital international are trying to big it up on FB as well. hmmmmmmmm ;-)

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