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Countryside Care Scheme


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Gove is talking (almost daily) about banning live import / export at UK ports as a benefit of Brexit. I could see that significantly affecting the demand for farm land.

It would be nice to see more of it left to go wild.

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On ‎19‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 9:39 AM, woody2 said:


me to them......

Son, you don't get a penny.  It's sweet that you feel you have to pretend to be the big man on here, but most people know (I certainly do) what you really are.


Not ... one ... penny

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I'm into environmental issues. Reading the reply to MHK Jason Moorhouse's question at the last Tynbwald, which is here click, Q23. the scheme was only introduced in 2009. It was to be for 10 years. Phil Gawne, the farmers' friend,  was the Minister at the time. He kind of introduced the scheme in a heart-string tugging begging sort of way through the back door. Geoffrey Boot, Minister said in his answer "...the Department’s intention to review the policy around farm support before the 2019 scheme year." I'm not sure what he means by "the 2019 scheme year". the sentence doesn't make sense and this is likely to be intentional.  I think it was meant to say ".....the 2019 end of scheme year". To describe it thus would have let the cat out of the bag, but you can better your bottom dollar it won't be ended.

The heart strings have been tugged on with words like green, fieds, sustainability, glens, self-sufficiency etc. but it seems an awful lot of money to pump into an annual grant scheme. Are we sure these huge handouts to already rich people can be justified. Are they necessary or desirable?

I would expect the new Health Minister to put such a question, but as one of the Council of Ministers he is bound by collective responsibility ie keep schtum mate.. Maybe Kate Beecroft can start pushing questions like this, now she has been ejected from the inner circle by Chief Minister Howard Quayle?


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16 minutes ago, Craig King said:

Are we sure these huge handouts to already rich people can be justified. Are they necessary or desirable?


They are very necessary and very desirable to those who are in receipt. Those who have had their political puppets, some of whom obviously come from established politico/farming backgrounds themselves, create and railroad through the scheme(s), in the name of food independence. 

And who will defend and support the grants to the last penny with vomit inducing descriptions of care of fairy and goblin filled glens and streams initially but building up to tales of agricultural, environmental and food production meltdown and Armageddon if it were ever to be withdrawn.

Regardless of how unjustifiable it is, no matter what hardship becomes the rest of society...getting rid of CCS and its ilk will be harder than pulling impacted wisdom teeth.

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