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Graphics Card Upgrade Hassle - Help Me Obi Wan Kenobi - You're My Only Hope

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Hi guys

I have just received a Gainward GTX670 2gb card as a nice upgrade for a windows 7 64 bit machine (my arcade machine) which was happily running an Asus EAH 6850 1gb card until now.

I've had all manner of hassle getting it working properly, firstly with the OS getting corrupted due to the drivers not removing/installing properly when removing the old stuff and adding the latest 3.20 drivers from nvidia.

The new card functions now in the sense that I have output from it, and the PC knows it has this card installed etc. But there are problems:

  • I cannot refresh windows user experience.
  • GeForce experience software has a 'no entry' sign against the icon representing my card, but ticks against the rest of my system.
  • In device manager the card has a yellow exclamation mark, but when searching for an updated driver states that it has determined the software is up to date.
  • GeForce experience states that an update is available, but has no link to this, only a button to search for updates, which the use of results in the 'update is available' text showing again!
  • I forget now where it was, but at some point when i was trying something I got a message that "X could not be done because there is no Nvidia GPU connected to this monitor" (I think). Despite the DVI cable being connected to the new card at the time, giving the only output in use!

What is the best way to ensure my system is devoid of add on graphics drivers so it gets a clean sweep with just the default OS drivers to give a basic display? That way I know I can start from scratch.

Or should I just try an earlier version of the drivers perhaps?

Is there a way to determine if the card has a fault, or is this likely just a driver thing?

Additionally, I notice the Intel HD3000 drivers are screwy as well as that's got an exclamation against it in device manager too, and it seems unable to update/correct itself.

Appreciate suggestions as I've spent the evening trying to get this done and am not making progress other than rescuing the OS after the initial problems!

I don't intend to reinstall the OS etc.

Cheers :)

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Ta very much for the link - will give that a go.


I have made progress and got an old driver working with it now so that's a definite plus, but I think I'll use that anyway and start over again with it.


Cheers Ans

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