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Farmers Benevolent

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I have heard a lot of good things have come from the trust so well done to them. It is heartening to see people still helping and by all accounts the best news is that the government have agreed to give extra payments to farmers.


Something good has come from something bad.

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That's great news. I never tire of hearing about ordinary people's money being redistributed to millionaire landowners

Not all farmers own the land they farm and not all farmers are rich. Be nice.

I knew a farmer who once nominated his scarecrow for the Nobel Prize because he was outstanding in his field.

Can we have a link to the story about our money being given to the farmers please. I do not understand why anyone would give a single penny to the farmers fund but at least if they do it is their choice, it is not money stolen off them and re-distributed to the rich!


shocking but but surprising in a land run by farmers. conflict of interest anyone?


The government need to realise how much ordinary people are struggling before giving our money to these landowners.

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Any chance sorting out a fund for the local companies feeling it hard at the moment due to the slow down?


It isn't just the farmers who are really feeling it.

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The benevolent trust was there to support those in real need. Not the big landowners getting 100k from government per year.


Luckily the meat plant is also paying a lot more for stock now as well so farmers are getting the same amount as they would of they were farming in England.


It was tough times for farmers this year, but it looks like they are really getting helped now.

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