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Farmers Benevolent

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That's great news. I never tire of hearing about ordinary people's money being redistributed to millionaire landowners

Not all farmers own the land they farm and not all farmers are rich. Be nice.

I knew a farmer who once nominated his scarecrow for the Nobel Prize because he was outstanding in his field.

I understand the sentiment about other people who are better off but farmers maintain the land. It's important to look after them as they generate all sorts of wealth on the island.


Food security would be lost without them


The day the Island can't import food is the day money has no value whatsoever. Bleating about food security gets boring...

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Had a look at the Countryside Care Scheme on the Government website but can't find out exactly how much we pay these people, anyone know? What I can see though is that the budget in 2008 was £7.6m which means every person on the IOM pays almost £100 each per year.


When you take into account that around half our population are either children, students or retired then it is probably more like £200 each ordinary working person is paying. Unreal really, that people learning minimum wage have to pay £200 towards landowners maintaining their own land.


Seems these farmers can claim up to £300 per acre

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. It's important to look after them as they generate all sorts of wealth on the island.


got any facts to back this claim up?


Sure - how about sending kids to KWC / Buchan?

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