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Google it, it's not an uncommon problem.


Personally, I've always found a Brillopad to be pretty awesome at hob cleaning (although I don't own a fancy stainless steel hob so I'm not advocating the use of them on such surfaces).


I have a simple rule of thumb - if the advert annoys me or features a fucking annoying twat I won't use the product as it's probably shit - this method has served me well to date.

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I don't like dogs so I'll get that straight before I start.


'puppy dealing' as you call it isn't right but neither is breeding any type of specific dog. They didn't just turn into bull terriers or poodles through evolution, its man interfering with nature and playing god. In doing some breeds have specific medical problems. Breeding with certificates should be stopped and the poor buggers left to turn somehow slowly back to Heinz 57s. Those peeps are the real problem as they just want cash as much as your 'puppy dealers'.

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