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Isle Of Man Airport


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Probably need specialist cleaners to do that lol.


Why the government don't get the prisoners out with a jet washing vehicle cleaning up places is beyond me.


Cheap labour and its making the place look clean and tidy ?

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Don't be soft.All the lowest paid workers are keeping the £38 MILLION runway to nowhere open so that Direct flights from the Island can be on time...


Has anyone in Government had the bottle to find out if that alleged EU Directive that Anne Reynolds said would be enforced this year THUS closing down Ronaldsway has been made legal..


I thought not.Look on the brightside at least she can eat her weight in chips at the Airport Canteen and we have not lost everything...


Where did it all go wrong...

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They saved money. By not giving the lowest paid workers any work.

This is the solution government managers are arriving at across IOMG. We have to keep the big salaries and management paid so let's fuck around with all the little people first.


Same with that clown from the highway board who was on the radio saying they can't afford to put snow ploughs out this winter for budgetary reasons. He can still afford all his managers salaries and pensions, and find the money for £300,000 roundabouts to achieve absolutely fuck all benefit to anyone, or to move the Jubilee Clock to put some curbs in, or to shut down Douglas for a year on Peel Road. But ask them to provide the services they are paid to provide and suddenly they'd rather spend all the money doing the other shite instead because that keeps them and their stupid mates in jobs. This place needs a coup de etat before its too late!

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