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Flybe To Cut 500 Jobs


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No, of course they don't. Sorry about those ones. Flybe let them down of course. Has your business been affected? B x

Not directly, but there is the knock on effect of less money circulating in the economy to consider. Not huge in the grand scheme I know, but everything of this sort has its effect. 45 + people must have been drawing well north of a million quid a year and all paying tax and ni locally. That money is lost to the Manx economy.

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Fuck off Wooley, times are hard enough without your bloody moronic input! I would like to encourage all others to get in touch.



Sorry mate, I was wrong.


Schizophrenia? Or stupidity? Why don't you think before you post, especially if you are going to do a U-turn 9 mins later!

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Some of the most interesting content gets posted late at night, not to mention some of the best arguments / funny threads (well, historically anyway, it's tailed off in recent times).


Too many people passing out on the sofa at home these days I guess. Bring back smoking in pubs and we can look forward to the late night forum sessions of old as people return home from a night out with interesting thoughts to add to forumland. :)

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