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Call To Ban Hands Free Phones

Lightening McQueen

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Heard about this today




Give the fact that driver already use there hand-held mobiles with little/no chance of getting bothered by the boys and girls in blue, whats the chance of this working? If someone drives past chatting away they could be listening to and singing along to their car stereo/mp3 player/ipad/voices in their head. How could this possibly be enforced, given the lack of enforcement of the current rules regarding phones/seatbelts/child car seats?

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With the number of bluetooth gadgets now, I wonder why people still need to actually pick their phone up to talk to it in the car. I saw two or three motoring along today with their phone up to their ear.


Modern smartphones will automatically detect when you get in the car, and mine will read any SMS, answer calls automatically or reject them with a message saying I'm currently driving. All of this happens without the phone having to leave my pocket. Before that, I left my phone in my pocket on silent, and I'd just check it when I got to where I was going, it's not particularly complicated.


On the other hand, smoking whilst driving seems like it would cause more problems. Dropping a lit cigarette onto your lap is going to send your mind straight off the road and onto the possibility of your crotch catching light.

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